About Us

About Our Company

Tee Shirts Galore & More was established in 1988 by the owner Calvin Tucker. It is known today for producing the industry’s top-quality printing service. Although T-Shirt printing remains the primary product of this owner operated business, products and services include  accessories (mugs, water bottles, keychains, etc.), banners, and color computer portraits. Tee Shirts Galore & More works delivers these high-quality, custom-crafted products to variety of corporations, schools, families, clubs, groups, churches, and organizations.

The expert staff at Tee Shirts Galore & More has delivered quality products to satisfied customers for over thirty five years.

About Screen Printing

Screen printing can be used on any type of material. This unique type of printing is as old as Song Dynasty China, born before the turn of the first millennium (ca. 960 AD). The stenciling technique that forms part of the screen printing process can be seen in the hand stenciling found in caves inhabited by Stone Age people in Spain, France and Indonesia (ca. 30,000 BCE).

Screen printing was brought to England in the early twentieth century by one Samuel Simon, who patented the process for industrial machinery that could print on silk and linen to adorn the home of the English aristocracy. The next major development in the field of screen printing came from San Franciscan artist John c. Pilsworth (1871-1933) who patented the technique of bolting a stencil to the cloth itself and used a robust multicolor palette. This development came just in time to support World War I recruitment efforts.

The watershed moment in screen printing came alongside the social activism and Pop Art of 1960s. Both social activist messages the women’s rights and civil rights movements could be printed on T-Shirts en masse alongside the art of Richard Hamilton and Andy Warhol. In fact, the popularization of the T-Shirt itself owes much to the screen printing technology. Screen-printed T-Shirts remain a popular vehicle for pop culture and self-expression