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In business since 1988, Tee Shirts Galore & More offers screen printing services for all of your business and personal needs. Tee Shirts Galore & More helps brand commercial products and services, deliver social, political, or creative messages, as well manifest artwork for public visibility.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing involves a polyester mesh screen stretched tightly over a frame. The screen is placed on top of the material receiving the imagine, and a negative of the desired image is printed onto the screen. With the image and screen in place, ink is rolled over the screen. The ink then sets on the T-Shirt and is available to wear usually within an hour.

Not just for T-Shirts!

Tee Shirts Galore & More prints designs on sweatshirts, polo shirts, and athletic wear. With a variety of sizes and styles, Tee Shirts Galore and More guarantees that that your finished product will have the look and feel you envision.

Whether you have a marketing message you want to deploy, a brand you want to promote, or a social message you want to deliver, Tee Shirts Galore & More will sponsor you and your vision.

Novelty Tee Shirts Too!

Shop Tee Shirts Galore & More high quality Novelty T-Shirts. Chose from fun designs or send us your own design to create a custom personalized novelty shirt. For you, your friends, or anyone, contact us about your novelty shirt today.

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