Tee Shirts Galore & More prints custom images onto T-Shirts, other types of apparel, and general merchandise and accessories. Tee Shirts Galore & More will make sure clients get exactly when they need.

This includes knowing how many pieces of apparel you want to order and whether your design will be the same for all pieces or custom for each piece. It is also important to inform us of how soon you need your order so we can plan ahead for extra shipping costs, delivery time and minimum order requirements. We used the following criteria in our evaluation of the best custom T-Shirt design services:

Design Quote

Tee Shirts Galore & More allows clients to manipulate text spacing, curvature, and alignment within a design. Designs can also feature multiple images. The expert team of designers at Tee Shirts Galore & More can make recommendations for clients unsure of a design or layout, or let the client guide the design and layout process. Once an image is finalized, Tee Shirts Galore & More will generate a quote for a client.

Apparel Options

Tee Shirts Galore & More’s custom T-Shirt design service offers clients a number of clothing style options, including long and short-sleeve T-Shirts, tank tops, polo shirts, sweatshirts, and athletic wear. With a variety of options, clients can get exactly the product they need with the look they desire.

Quality and Fast Turnaround

When it comes to t-shirt printing, not all companies are created equal. Your goal as a consumer should be to find the right one for you, your team, organization or business. Here at Tee Shirts Galore, we take into consideration: your budget, quantity, the purpose/usage intended of your decorated apparel and your timeframe. By taking in account all those things, our goal is to make you the highest quality product at a price you can afford… we call this “The T’s Galore Way”! From 12 to 12,000 pieces… we will find an option that will fit exactly what you need, large or small.

Completed Products